Obama’s change of heart on gay marriage

In the last few days we have seen politics at its best from the crowd that about four years offered Hope and Change as the slogan, driving millions to the polls to vote for a little known community organizer to the White House.  That is a mouth full, and probably a run-on sentence, but its is true.  On Sunday vice-president Biden in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press said that he personally was open to legalizing gay marriage.  In his words

“The president sets the policy. I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexual men and women marrying one another are entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil rights, all the civil liberties…”

On Wednesday Obama forced by Biden’s statement, had to address the issue by making a statement to ABC news that his position had “evolved” and that now he was for gay marriage.  Nevermind that back in August of 2008 when running from president when asked by Rick Warren if he was for gay marriage as per his core Christian beliefs was between a man and a woman.  So in four years someone’s core beliefs change so radically as to be in favor of something that before they were against?  What do you really believe in Mr. President?  But I digress…

Immediately the media jumps on the band wagon of how the nation, not the president’s beliefs, has evolved (USA Today and many others).  Apparently Obama’s lack of moral compass and conviction is indicative of the nation’s lack of morals and conviction?  Nevermind that time and time again people have voted and by large marginsagainst gay marriage proposals even in liberal states like California.  So no, the only oneevolving, and right before the election season I might add, is the president not the American people.  But I digess yet again…

So Wednesday, and before the president’s statement about the evolution of his core beliefs, Biden apologized to Obama for havingforced him to come out and talk about the issue he apparently was not ready to talk about just yet.

What Biden, Obama and the machine that controls them set in motion Sunday was the means by which Obama could all of a sudden get this what I call “diahrrea of the mouth” on the subject of gay marriage.  No sooner that he is forced to talk about this issue that apparently he was in no way ready to talk about, hence Biden’s apology, he holds a fundraiser at George Clooney’s house, and what do you know, he brings up the subject of gay marriage.  “It was a logical extension of what America is supposed to be,” he said.  Really?  Or is it the logical place foryou to be Mr. President in order to rake in 15 million dollars from the Holywood crowd?  Follow the money.  This events are scheduled months in advance.  Obama knows he has to face this group of people that are obviously in favor gay marriage.  So they set this plan in motion that allows the president to talk about something that will mean contributions for his campaign.  Am I the only one that is seeing this for what it is?  If at all, Mr. President, you cut it a little close.  I mean, less than a week ago you were opposed to the very issue that would stand in the way of you getting 15 million of the 1 billion you are expected to raise on this campaign.  Which brings me to something interesting.  Coming from the group that wants to “grow the pie” why not distribute your 1 billion to the people that are in need? Oh, that’s right.  What liberals like to do, and what they mean when they say “pie” is other’s peoples money, not their own.  See, their money is their money, your money is the pie that is going to get grown, sliced equally and given to somebody else.  But I digress yet again…


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