Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom

My wife is reading a book that applies these concept of learning through these steps:  we first gain knowledge, we make connections between the knowledge we gain and the knowledge we already have, and then we put this understanding into practice which leads to gaining wisdom.  Thus, there is no wisdom without understanding and there is no understanding without knowledge.  This applies to everything in life. So when I hear someone say “I’m not political” to answer a comment regarding the state of our country or the performance of our government I wonder if the person realizes what that says about them.  Government touches every aspect of our lives and our money out of each paycheck is funnel into this beast that by and large does not administer these funds properly.  There is also the tendency for people who get elected to a given position to forget who is really paying their salary.  So the fact that people don’t really pay attention to the day-to-day dealings of our government sets the perfect environment for government officials to think that they can get away with anything.  Unfortunately this attitude that we save the government instead of the other way around.  So we can’t afford to sit on the sidelines and watch while our government continues to waste money under the excuse of social justice.  We can’t sit by idle while our government moves more and more to the left.  We can’t look the other way while the agenda of the few (as in 6% of the population in the case of gay marriage) is imposed on the majority.  If we are to get our debt under control, if we are to preserve the values that made this country the best country in the world then we can’t just continue to use the excuse that we are not political.  If you are not political then get political.  Being “political” does not mean becoming an obnoxious, loud mouth jerk that bullies his way into conversations trying to make people feel stupid for what stance they take.  Being political is becoming informed (acquire knowledge), making connections between what we know and are learning (understanding) and then having gained that understanding we then are able to decipher what’s being said by politicians versus what they really mean.  We’ll be wise to see the true motives behind their actions and then make more informed decisions as to who and why we want in office.


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