It’s all about who you know

If you were to Google Obama’s half brain you will notice that most of the results are for Valerie Jarrett.  Her story is very interesting and, in a nutshell, she has been part of the Chicago political machine since she graduated from Stanford in 1978.  She now serves as Obama’s top advisor (hence the reference to being half of his brain). What’s most telling about her is the people she is associated with and the networks in which she pops up.  Keep in mind that this is the person Obama has been quoted as saying that he does not make a decision without her.  Below is a representation of the network of people surrounding her either by direct association or because at some point they were part of the same organization.  Every single organization she is connected to has extreme left ideologies directly linked to the communist agenda.

If you do the same with SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), this is the network you get.  This is where a lot of familiar names (too many to discuss them all, but I’ve circled a few to bring attention to them).

Jarrett is associated to SDS through Marilyn Kantz, her mentor, who, after SDS dissolved, helped Bill Ayers create the famous Weather Underground terrorist movement.  Kantz would help form the New American Movement, which included in its ranks the likes of known communist Rabbi Michael Lerner.  The group’s primary political text, entitled Basic Marxism: What It Is & How to Use It, revealed the group’s devotion to the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci.

So now you get a very small glimpse at Obama’s half brain.  Being that we know so little about Obama’s past, and, by the way, that is by design, we can only know who he really is and what he believes in by the people with whom he has decided to associate.  There is a saying in Spanish that loosely translates to “tell me who you surround yourself with and I will tell you who you are.”


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