TrueLies: GOP is to be blamed for Obama’s failure

Those who support Obama will tell you the reason why his first three years have been a failure is because the GOP would not let him get anything done. People that hold that point of view have forgotten that Obama was elected in 2008, not 2010. Obama took office in 2009 with a democratic majority in the House and in the Senate. This meant that anything he wanted passed he could pass with or without the GOP’s approval. He could have passed any type of immigration reform, he could have closed Guantanamo, he could have done anything he wanted because the GOP did not have enough votes to do anything against his policies. Obama, with the help of Pelosi and Reid, did do quite a bit during the first two years, one of them being Obamacare. Remember the town-hall meetings where Sheila Jackson Lee answered her phone while taking a question from a concerned citizen? This was an effort to try to convince the American people into believing that Obamacare would actually be good for the country. This was not the only blunder from the Obamacare town hall days. The vast majority was against it, yet they continued forward and got it passed. Remember cash and clunkers? That was done with an all democratic House and Senate. So Obama was able to do a lot in the first two years of his term. The problem for Obama, and more so for the American people, is that all the policies he put in place were utter failures. That is why the 2010 election was a huge win for the GOP. The election was not really a vote of confidence on the GOP but rather a vote against Obama’s performance.

What Obama did not do, whoever, was to keep the promises he made while campaigning in 2008. Again, people in favor of Obama are quick to say that all politicians brake promises. They say things while campaigning they have no intention on following through while in office. To those people I would point out that Obama was supposed to be the outsider that was beyond politics. He was the person that embodied hope and change, that would unite the country. He meant everything he said, right? Because if Obama is just like any other politician then he is pathological lair that will say anything in order to get elected, a person drunk on his power that will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

So no, the GOP did not make the first three years of Obama’s presidency a failure, his policies did. What he has done has not work and the state of our country is testimony to that.


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