Business Owners to Obama: Yes, we built that

Fox News reported on the reaction to Obama’s “You didn’t build that” speech from businesses.  The president claims that business is successfull only because the government creates an environment that allows them to be successful so they owe their success to the government and therefore they need to pay their “fair share”.  The problem with this train of thought is that it ignores that government cannot do anything in terms of infrastructure unless individuals and business pay taxes to make that very infrastructure possible.  So they already paid their fair share to make that infrastructure happen.  What the president wants, however, is to force businesses to pay even more into an out of controll government, and he does this under the pretext that somehow they have not paid enough.  This concept of “fair share” is very subjective because who determines what is “fair” other than the receiving end, the government?  Also, when does business fullfil their obligation to contribute enough?  The president claims that there are a lot of businesses that want to give back, as if because this is the case, that some businesses want to pay even more money to the government, that all businesses should do the same.  This, by the way, is where you see the president communist agenda.  In Communism, the government makes everything happen and citizens owe their existance, horrible existance by the way, to the government.  The president’s stance ignores that it is government’s fault that we are in the debt crisis we are in.  Another thing the president does not understand is that if there is going to be anyone that is going to get us out of this crisis is not going to be government, but rather small businesses.  They will only be able to do this if government gets out of their way and stops disproportionally taxing them, allowing them to succeed.



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