Mobile ‘grocers’ key in to Lone Star card market

This is the classic scenario of the government creating a culture of dependance to have a steady flow of voters (that would vote democrat, of course).  Because they don’t restrict what these people can buy with food stamps, people mostly buy junk food making them not only obese but plagued with the secondary issues that come with being on a steady diet of fried food and pop tarts (apparently their number one seller).  So the government creates the problem and then tries to provide the solution to get the very people they allowed to stay home, sit on the couch all day eating junk food, to join yet another program that will get them to loose weight.  You follow these people’s sorry existence and you cannot help but be reminded of the chickens in the movie Chicken Run that where fattened up for the sole purpose of being turned into chicken pies. These “chickens”, however, are fattened up to be turned into democrat voters.  Now we also have commercials that entice people to become dependant in the government.  The goal is simple: get them hooked on free food so they vote democrat while we tell them the evil republicans will take the free stuff away should they be elected.

On an additional note, HPD has conducted several drug busts involving these types of trucks that seem to deliver more than just groceries and have turned to delivering pot among other drugs.

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