Taxpayers foot bill for undocumented immigrants

Of course we would foot the bill. Obama sees no issue with taxing people for political purposes. After all, Obamacare is one huge tax.

There are two types of immigrants: The ones that came looking for the American dream of opportunity and working hard to give a better future to coming generations.  These are the ones that eventually turn Republicans because they understand that what makes America great is not government but freedom to be able to achieve anything you can imagine.  The second type of immigrant is the one that comes to America to trade one government for the other.  These are the ones that were dependant on and a burden of their previous government but their government did not offer as much as the American government does.  So all they have done is a “trade up” one government for the other.  In their minds, they still operate as they did in their home land, cheating the government, taking any help they can get and the saddest of all, handing the dependence down to their following generations.  Unfortunately, more and more we get the latter type that looks at the American government for free stuff as opposed to looking to America for freedom and opportunity.

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