Chris Matthews Fawns Over Parents Barack and Michelle: ‘Close Enough to Perfect’

I don’t know what concerns me more, that we have a so-called journalist that no longer hides his bias when providing the news, or that there are so many people that share his blind admiration for Obama and his family. I cannot speak to the kind of father or husband he is. Unless he is fooling around with interns in the oval office like Clinton did, his personal life is completely irrelevant to me. What I don’t understand, and frightens me the most, is the blind devotion people have for him and his family. Here you have the most powerful man in our nation, and perhaps the world, and people follow him and his family around like celebrities. When people loose their objectivity, when the masses forget to hold their leaders accountable, then this is when those leaders can slowly take liberties with their power to the detriment of the very people that idolize them. Look at any country that was or is ruled by a tyrant and you will see that the leader did not get to hold absolute power without the help of people that elevated him to the point that he was no longer accountable for his actions. The repercussions of blindly following someone span across generations. One only has to look at Castro’s Cuba, Hitler’s Germany, Person’s Argentina, and many others, that even when those rulers came and went, their legacy of destruction lived on many years after they were gone. To hold a leader at such level to the point of claiming that they are “close enough to perfect” is to dangerously approach that point of no return.

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