Sandra Fluke in 2011: Mandate Paying for Sex Changes Next

When you examine Fluke’s history, you see that attaching her to the so-called struggle in favor of Obamacare is by design. Here is a woman that has been working the circles while being groomed to be used as the poster child of the struggle for government paid healthcare. She went from being a 23 year old law student (that’s how the media introduced her), to being a 30 year old woman that picked Georgetown specifically because of its policy in birth control. Fluke is portrayed by the media and the liberals in Congress as a struggling student that needs the government to provide for the very basic needs such as contraception. When you begin to see her history, beginning with the ones she admitted to (such as being once
the president of Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice, a radical left-wing group much like the many groups of that kind that have invaded college campuses), it is plain to see that the American public is being hoodwinked by the left that is trying to make Fluke seem like an innocent college student. Fluke is a left-wing activist strategically placed by the left and brought out at the perfect time for one purpose only: To continue the push for government control. This is the first of many. Fluke represents equal rights as it pertains to healthcare. Wait for one that will attach himself to gun control, the death penalty, and any other issues on which the left wants to control public opinion.

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