The Obama No One Knows

I find interesting the way people react when they hear Obama’s remarks about redistribution of wealth or about America’s history of oppression.  The media will either ignore or discredit anything that would make Obama look bad.  Those in favor of Obama, the ones with the blind admiration for the icon they know nothing about, get defensive and chalk it up to baseless attacks from the right.  The left, Obama’s base, does not really care to know Obama beyond his feel-good speeches of hope and change.  They project on him their hope for a perfect world, where we are all equal and there is no more evil and strife, and he in turn plays the part very well, that of the one that can make that fantasy a reality.  He gave them Hope and Change in 2008 and now he has given them Forward, two meaningless slogans that keep his base inexplicably happy (all you have to do is look at the dreamy faces at the DNC and you get the idea that these people worship the man, which is very creepy).  Surprisingly, the only group that has tried to find out who Obama really is ever since he entered the scene, is The Right.  Some say he is a secret muslim and that is why he makes the decisions he makes pertaining to the middle east (like meeting with the arab media shortly after being elected president but not meeting with Netanyahu nor visiting Israel until after being re-elected) .  Some say he is a communist, and that is why he makes the decisions he makes regarding his spending and growing the government to a record-breaking size (though George Bush started it).  Two documentaries have touched on who and what has shaped Obama’s worldview. Though the primary focus of the documentary is to expose the influence of Communism as a whole, The Agenda documentary also touches on Obama’s communist leanings and the influence of communism in his life.  From the early days of his relationship with Frank Marshall Davis, a known communist, to his involvement with the left-wing Chicago politics (which is primarily comprised of former members of the Communist Party USA or similiar organizations).  Another documentary in search of Obama’s past and influences is Obama’s America: 2016, which provides an in-depth look at Obama’s history and his father’s legacy, and how all that shaped his life and worldview to what it is today.  Ironically, by and large the only people who see these documentaries are conservatives.  One would think that Obama’s base would want to know more about him.  After all, the guy only came into the national political scene during his famous 2004 DNC speech barely eight years ago and one could argue that he wasn’t really on the radar until he announced he would run for president in early 2007.  But for some reason the less people know about Obama the more they seem to fall in love with him, and the more they fall in love with him the less they care about his past.


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