Free Speech That Mocks Islam Is National Security Threat for U.S., Prominent NJ Imam Tells TheBlaze

Mohammad Qatanani, who leads one of the largest mosques in New Jersey, also stated that “…America should disregard its First Amendment as it is typically applied and instead act in accordance with sharia law for the ultimate ‘good’ of society…”

The idea that we would apply a separate law in matters regarding Islam, or, more specifically, the Prophet Muhammad is ridiculous.  I’m sorry, Mr Qatanani, this country has its own laws, if you don’t appreciate our freedom then maybe you can go back to the dark-age (and I could use more colorful language here) country where you came from and stay there.  It is interesting how these people are so self-centered to believe that their prophet and their religion should be untouchable to the detriment of everything else.  They come to our land looking for the opportunities their country is unable to provide and we welcome them with open arms like we welcome anybody that is willing to come to this country and pursue the American dream.  They in turn take advantage of that freedom, the very freedom it makes our country great, and try to change our country to what their country of origin is like.  Unfortunately,  for reasons that escape me, the left bends over backwards to accommodate their point of view.

Read the article here


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