Obama claims that Bush is 90% responsible for current deficit

One of the signs of a good leader is that they take responsibility for their actions.  When all else fails, they own up to the fact that they were ultimately responsible for the decisions they made and the consequences of those decisions.  In Decision Points, George Bush lists all the controversial decisions he made and why he made them.  He never gives excuses, but rather explains the information he had available at the time which led him to make the decisions he made.

Barack Obama is not that kind of leader.  When confronted by the fact that the national debt has increased 60% since he took office, Obama’s knee-jerk reaction is to resort to the old tactic of blaming his predecessor.

Well, first — first of all…I think it’s important to understand the context here. When I came into office, I inherited the biggest deficit in our history

It is no mystery that during his last two years in office George Bush spent money like a drunken sailor.  There was no spending bill that the democrat Congress sent to him that he didn’t sign (remember the House and Senate were controlled by the democrats after the 2006 mid-term elections).   Obama was hired to address all the problems Bush had created.  Remember his campaign promises? Close Gitmo, pull the troops out of Iraq, fix the economy, among others?  If you are hired for a position under the pretext that you can fix the problems caused by the person you are replacing, you can’t come back four years later and say that it is the other guy’s fault.  We all knew how bad things were in 2008, but Obama has made things worse.  The American public hired Obama to fix the economy, but not only he didn’t fix it, he made it worse with higher unemployment and higher debt just to name two.  The media might give him a pass on the broken promises (notice how none of the 2008 promises have been brought up so far), but by continuously shifting blame, he not only shows lack of leadership but also the lack of vision as to how to fix the problem he was hired to fix.

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