Obama to use 2 Bibles when he takes oath of office

Obama’s gesture is no different than the fat, middle-age guys that let their sideburns grow, were flashy shirts and pretend they can sing like Elvis. President Obama, you are nothing like MLK or Lincoln. You believe youare the cause when they believed their cause transcended them. People follow you because of the way you make them feel, but people followed them because their cause would change their lives. You push for the we-are-not-all-equal mantra of the haves and haves not, they pushed for the idea that we are all children of God, with equal freedom and responsibility. Your message divides people into classes and groups while their message united the masses and changed our country’s history. You may touch the bibles they read but you don’t come close to having the character these two men had, the character built by reading the very books.

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