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Head Start’s sad (and costly) secret — what Washington doesn’t want you to know

Washington’s 48-year experiment with federal preschool has failed to deliver long-lasting, positive developments for its participants. Still, many in Congress argue that the way to fix this is to increase funding for Head Start.

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Maryland kids punished for making gun gestures

Two 6-year-old boys from Maryland were suspended from their school for making gun gestures during a harmless game of pretend, leaving parents outraged.

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School Sacks 5-Year-Old’s U. of Michigan T-Shirt

The State seeks to control the people under the disguise of protecting them. The loss of common sense is the first step towards complete control of the masses. When people are no longer able to make a judgement call and see that a five year old cannot belong to a gang, but is just merely wearing a T-shirt, then we can see that the process of controlling the asses is underway. Fast forward a few years and people will blindly follow the rules the Sate has set, much like the Germans that helped Hitler gas 6 million Jews.

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The Hijacked Education System – Teachers Union President Brags About Pushing Walker Recall in Schools


The Hijacked Education System – LA High School Brings Planned Parenthood to Campus