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Tuesday morning must-reads

Chick-fil-A CEO and gay rights activist are now friends

Rep. Marsha Blackburn challenges Obama to a skeet-shooting match

New GOP mantra: Pick your battles

Office responsible for closing Gitmo is now closed

North Korea debuts on Google Maps, gulags and all

Mission creep: U.S. to set up drone base in North Africa


55 million reasons not to celebrate Roe v Wade anniversary

Last Tuesday was the 40th anniversary of the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v Wade which transformed abortion from a procedure regulated on a state-by-state basis into a Constitutional right, emanating from invisible penumbras. What has been the consequence of the abortion-on-demand era?  More than 55 million abortions have taken place…

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DR. KEITH ABLOW:We’re Raising a Generation Of Deluded Narcissists

This is the result of the liberal movement obsession with protecting everyone’s feelings. So if you raise a child that never heard the word “No” or never saw red ink on a graded paper showing areas he failed of course when those children reach adolescence they will think the world owes them something. This has helped create the misconception that if I have a college degree (regardless if your major is marketable or not) you deserve a job.

· VIDEO: Students Increasingly Call Themselves Gifted, Study Says icon-video.gif

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‘All My Babies’ Mamas’ Angers

In keeping with the tearing down of American culture of values and decency, the left has yet outdone itself. The constant idolizing of movie stars and sports figures that have less character than a worm is the modus operandi of the movement trying to bring America down from the inside by degrading its culture. Fortunately, this one apparently has backfired.

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TrueLies: When Celebrities Rule Our Lives

We live in a society that has the unhealthy tendency of putting people on a pedestal.  People give up whatever common sense they have and blindly buy whatever product or message a celebrity is trying to sell to them.  This is no exception when it comes to politics.  For some reason I should listen to and care about what Hollywood actors, race car drivers and even plumbers turned political analysts are saying about a particular candidate or issue.  We forget that actors are paid because of their ability to pretend to be something they are not and give credence to the person be believe they are.

What should I care about what Matt Damon thinks about fracking or the Iraq war?  Why should I listen to Samuel L. Jackson’s profane rant about how we need to “wake up” and vote for Obama.  Why is Clint Eastwood’s  assessment of Obama’s performance any better than any other informed citizen that gets him a prime spot at the RNC?  Why are Janeane Garofalo’s crazy rants about the Tea Party relevant?  These people are hired for the sole purpose of reaching you and I with the message their employers want to deliver.  When we allow them to be more than entertainers that we begin to think they are the characters they portrait in their movies, then we become fertile ground to believe the lies they are paid to tell us.  People are more willing to believe a corrupt politician with a history of made up science than read from all sides of an issue and arrive at an informed decision.

But perhaps the ultimate sign of the times, of people completely abandoning common sense to pursue a celebrity’s lies, happened almost four years ago.  For the ultimate celebrity, the one that was groomed from the beginning to become the epitome of all fabricated, well-marketed personas, is unfortunately our current president.  Barack Obama, despite being unknown to almost everyone, and lacking experience of any kind, private or public sector, was able to achieve perhaps the highest position on earth because the American public wanted to elect a celebrity, not a president.

Free Speech That Mocks Islam Is National Security Threat for U.S., Prominent NJ Imam Tells TheBlaze

Mohammad Qatanani, who leads one of the largest mosques in New Jersey, also stated that “…America should disregard its First Amendment as it is typically applied and instead act in accordance with sharia law for the ultimate ‘good’ of society…”

The idea that we would apply a separate law in matters regarding Islam, or, more specifically, the Prophet Muhammad is ridiculous.  I’m sorry, Mr Qatanani, this country has its own laws, if you don’t appreciate our freedom then maybe you can go back to the dark-age (and I could use more colorful language here) country where you came from and stay there.  It is interesting how these people are so self-centered to believe that their prophet and their religion should be untouchable to the detriment of everything else.  They come to our land looking for the opportunities their country is unable to provide and we welcome them with open arms like we welcome anybody that is willing to come to this country and pursue the American dream.  They in turn take advantage of that freedom, the very freedom it makes our country great, and try to change our country to what their country of origin is like.  Unfortunately,  for reasons that escape me, the left bends over backwards to accommodate their point of view.

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The Obama No One Knows

I find interesting the way people react when they hear Obama’s remarks about redistribution of wealth or about America’s history of oppression.  The media will either ignore or discredit anything that would make Obama look bad.  Those in favor of Obama, the ones with the blind admiration for the icon they know nothing about, get defensive and chalk it up to baseless attacks from the right.  The left, Obama’s base, does not really care to know Obama beyond his feel-good speeches of hope and change.  They project on him their hope for a perfect world, where we are all equal and there is no more evil and strife, and he in turn plays the part very well, that of the one that can make that fantasy a reality.  He gave them Hope and Change in 2008 and now he has given them Forward, two meaningless slogans that keep his base inexplicably happy (all you have to do is look at the dreamy faces at the DNC and you get the idea that these people worship the man, which is very creepy).  Surprisingly, the only group that has tried to find out who Obama really is ever since he entered the scene, is The Right.  Some say he is a secret muslim and that is why he makes the decisions he makes pertaining to the middle east (like meeting with the arab media shortly after being elected president but not meeting with Netanyahu nor visiting Israel until after being re-elected) .  Some say he is a communist, and that is why he makes the decisions he makes regarding his spending and growing the government to a record-breaking size (though George Bush started it).  Two documentaries have touched on who and what has shaped Obama’s worldview. Though the primary focus of the documentary is to expose the influence of Communism as a whole, The Agenda documentary also touches on Obama’s communist leanings and the influence of communism in his life.  From the early days of his relationship with Frank Marshall Davis, a known communist, to his involvement with the left-wing Chicago politics (which is primarily comprised of former members of the Communist Party USA or similiar organizations).  Another documentary in search of Obama’s past and influences is Obama’s America: 2016, which provides an in-depth look at Obama’s history and his father’s legacy, and how all that shaped his life and worldview to what it is today.  Ironically, by and large the only people who see these documentaries are conservatives.  One would think that Obama’s base would want to know more about him.  After all, the guy only came into the national political scene during his famous 2004 DNC speech barely eight years ago and one could argue that he wasn’t really on the radar until he announced he would run for president in early 2007.  But for some reason the less people know about Obama the more they seem to fall in love with him, and the more they fall in love with him the less they care about his past.