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Baltimore Police Chief Johnson: The Folly of a Blue City Politician

At Wednesday’s Senate hearing on gun control, Ted Cruz once again stood out as an articulate voice for commonsense. After declaring the Senate to be a “fact-free zone,” he went on to destroy the myth that there is a consequential difference between an “assault weapon” and a regular semi-automatic rifle.

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How your tax dollars turned Washington into America’s richest city

Cronyism—the use of political power to enrich supporters, friends, and family—partly explains how Washington became awash in such wealth. Indeed, that’s why cronyism is so pernicious: it incentivizes the growth of government by bloating bills with perks and goodies that enrich the well-connected at taxpayer expense.

Until Americans put an end to such cronyism, Washington D.C. will continue to grow in wealth and influence. And like all boomtowns, with so much gold lying around for the looting, we can expect the worst elements to race to snatch up the riches.

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Thursday morning must-reads

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Another ominous sign for health care

Chuck Schumer demands an apology from Beyonce

DHS offers advice on dealing with a mass shooter — grab your scissors:

Portugal reduces budget deficit, eyes return to debt market as cutbacks pay off

Portugal’s finance minister says his government’s budget deficit likely fell below the target of 5 percent of GDP last year, reflecting successful measures to cut spending.

You mean to tell me that if you spend less than you take in you reduce your debt?  Amazing…maybe someone should have Gaspar call Obama.

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State Exchanges and the Cost of ObamaCare

In his second inaugural address on January 21, 2013, President Barack Obama stated that “we must make the hard choices to reduce the cost of health care and the size of our deficit.” With regard to health care, all indications are that the price of health insurance will increase as a result of ObamaCare, with the federal government attempting to pass along these costs to the states by asking them to implement state-run health insurance exchanges.

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Liberals Don’t Need Revenue to Grow Government Anymore

Once upon a time, liberals were somewhat principled in their pursuit of a utopian dirigisme.  Sure, they always liked to play a bit of class warfare, but they fundamentally believed in taxing everyone.  After all, if you want a cradle-to-grave government-run society, it’s got to be purveyed by the broad populace. There simply aren’t enough rich people to raise the requisite funds for a rapacious federal monstrosity.

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Tuesday morning must-reads

Chick-fil-A CEO and gay rights activist are now friends

Rep. Marsha Blackburn challenges Obama to a skeet-shooting match

New GOP mantra: Pick your battles

Office responsible for closing Gitmo is now closed

North Korea debuts on Google Maps, gulags and all

Mission creep: U.S. to set up drone base in North Africa